Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Java Specification Wanted

During the weekend, I wasted long hours on searching for a Java specification. The document is question is called Configurations and Profiles Architecture Specification and it is like the Constitution of JavaME. It defines the architecture for the JavaME platform, what are the rules that you must follow when standardizing APIs for JME. What can you do in a JSR and what you mustn't.

However, if you Google this title, you will get only a handful hits, almost each of them are references to this document from other specifications. And a 5-year old entry from a forum where somebody was seeking the same document. I searched for it on, even in the Wayback Machine but couldn't find it. The closest I got to this document is that I talked to someone who saw it but didn't have a copy anymore.
I'm not saying that it cannot be found, but I failed miserably. So if you happen to know the whereabout of this document, or happen to have a copy of it in some dusty corner of you hard drive, I would really appreciate if you could share it with me.

And apart from the fact how lousy I am in web searches, wouldn't you expect such an important a document to be in a very obvious and visible place?